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Using the MIF Eclipse Plugin

The MIF Eclipse plugin makes MIF development easier by automatically setting up the MIF classpath for you. The resulting MIF project is simply a Java project, which will be easy to configure for any developer familiar with Eclipse.

Creating a MIF Project

  1. Select New –> Project –> Other
  2. Choose MIF Integration Project –> MIF Project
  3. Enter the project name
  4. Enter the MIF Home Directory (Should be the directory where MIF was installed, e.g., C:\Program Files\MIF)
  5. Check the samples box in order to have the MIF samples imported into the project
  6. Click finish to create the project

Layout of the MIF Project

Here are the directories that get created and what their intended use is.

  • config: Configuration files made available on the classpath
  • src: Source files that make up your MIF project
  • samples-config: Config files used in sample code
  • samples-src: Sample source files
  • JRE System Library: Your system's default JRE is chosen
  • Referenced Libraries: The libraries in MIF_HOME/jars are included on the classpath and can be found here.

Running your MIF code

Typically, MIF is started with a driver program created by the programmer. This driver creates a pipeline, adds objects to the pipeline, then starts it. So, to run a MIF program, you simply run the driver as a Java program from Eclipse. See the MIF samples page for example code.

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