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MIF Samples

This page lists all the sample code distributed with the MeDICi Integration Framework (MIF). You will find the sample code in MIF_HOME/sources/mif-samples. Before starting to program against the MIF API, we recommend that you start with the Hello World sample.


Before you start working through these samples:

Sample Code

  • Hello World - Sample which accepts a string from the console, appends 2 additional strings, and returns the new string to the console
  • Hello Component - Hello World using a MIF Component and JMS endpoints
  • Aggregator - Demonstrate a simple aggregator which combines 2 strings
  • Splitter - Demonstrates a simple splitter which breaks apart a string into multiple smaller strings.
  • Specialized Modules - These are modules which have a special purpose and are used often. So, they have been made available in the MIF API.

Running the samples

Command line

If it is not specified by a particular sample, you can run all the samples on the command line by opening a terminal and changing to the MIF_HOME directory. Then use the launcher script (bin/ on UNIX and mif.bat on windows) and specify the sample class with the -c option, e.g.: bin/mif_script -c <class-name>. This command not only works for the samples, it will launch any MIF pipeline if the specified class has a main method that configures and starts the piepline.

So, to run a sample class called com.example.Sample1 from UNIX, you would enter the command:

bin/ -c com.example.Sample1

To run Sample1 from Windows, enter the command:

bin\mif.bat -c com.example.Sample1

Cross-platform Note

Some sample documentation may reference the UNIX launcher script (bin/ only. However, all samples and pipelines will also work with the Windows launcher (bin\mif.bat).


To run the sample code in your favorite IDE, import them into a new project and put the jar MIF_HOME/mif-vers-all.jar on your classpath, as described in the installation instructions. To run the samples from Eclipse, please follow the detailed instructions specific to eclipse development.

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