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  • JDK 1.6 or greater
  • Eclipse 3.4 or greater (if using the Eclipse plugin)

Installing MIF (Eclipse)

  • Extract the files to a location that you will remember later on (e.g. C:\MIF-3.0). Make sure the path includes no spaces.
  • Open up Eclipse and navigate to the Workbench.
  • In the package explorer, right click the empty pane and select “New” and “Java Project” in the subsequent drop down menu.

Create a new project in Eclipse Use the Java Project

  • Title the new project appropriately – I.e. MIF 3.0, MIF, etc.

Make an appropriate name

  • Add the mif-version-all.jar to your eclipse build path by right clicking on your new Java Project, highlighting “build path” and clicking on “configure build path”.

Navigate to "Configure Build Path"

  • Click on the libraries tab and click the “add external JARs” and add the mif-version-all.jar

Select the mif-3.0.1-all.jar to be referenced

  • Then, in this new project, under the source folder, import the samples from MIF folder you extracted under “Mif Home Folder Location”\sources\mif-samples\src

Navigate to "Import" in the File drop-down menu Import the source folder from the MIF home folder

  • Create a folder named config and follow the above directions to import the sample config files from “Mif Home Folder Location”\sources\config

Create a new folder Import the Config Folder

  • Make the config folder a source folder by right-clicking on the folder and selecting “Use as source folder” in the “Build Path” menu.

Make the config folder a source folder

  • Configure the build path order so that the /config directory appears first; do this by right clicking on the Mif-3.0 folder and selecting “Configure Build Path” from the drop down.

Configure Build Path... Order page - select the /config directory and click "Up" to the right

  • Your Java project, when done, should look like the screenshot below.

Final Configured Screen


To test the installation, run the Hello World Example

Be sure to look through the ActiveMQ instructions first.


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